Where to go surfing in Bali?

Ayu Melalie

We launched and tested the application in vibrant Bali. Bali (usually) attracts a lot of visitors, many eager to explore the island, and was, therefore, the perfect location to get started.

Bali is not only ‘the island of the gods’, but it is also a surfers paradise since forever! Beginners, intermediate and professional surfers can be sure to find the perfect wave among Bali’s gorgeous white and black sandy beaches! Bali is an excellent surf destination all year round! Where to go surfing? Here’s a little guide:

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Kuta and Legian Beach for beginners

Kuta Beach, the long and wide golden stretch of sunset beach that runs from Bali’s international airport in Kuta to Legian, Seminyak and onwards to Canggu, is dotted with surfboard vendors where you can rent a board or take a lesson. Kuta Beach is perfect for beginners wanting to give it a try but also the experts can enjoy a great surf at Kuta Beach, especially near to the airport in Tuban (Pantai Jerman). Local fishermen can take you and your board out to the outer reefs to catch the more challenging waves. Close to the shore in Kuta though, the waves are not too high and most of the time, they are mellow and roll in a perfect setup, perfect for all the newbies out there. There are always lifeguards on duty during the day to keep your safe when you’re out there surfing.

Canggu - Beginners / advanced / all levels

Just slightly more challenging than Kuta and Seminyak but still good for beginners. the ocean in Canggu is a bit rougher but there are many cool surf schools to be found on the beach. A great place to prepare yourself for the more challenging waves further down south in Uluwatu.

Bukit Peninsula / Uluwatu

The southern tip of Bali is surrounded by gorgeous white sandy beaches and the most incredible surf spots. In fact, “the Bukit” is the most famous surfing area in Bali. You’ll find one amazing surf beach after another. Let’s take a look at them one by one:

Uluwatu Advanced/pros

Uluwatu is a legendary surf spot with a wide surf reef break that can handle large crowds. Expect this place to be busy! Uluwatu Beach has 5 surf spots and each has its unique feature. If you’re a beginner, Uluwatu is a bit too ambitious!

Padang Padang

Home to the yearly Rip Curl Cup contest, Padang Padang is famous for long tube rides and a razor-sharp reef, making it unsuitable for beginners. To the right of Padang Padang, there is a more gentle reef break for the less experienced surfers.


Bingin is another beach for pros, famous for a short but powerful wave. It’s not as crowded as Uluwatu but there will be lots of other surfers trying to get the same tube ride.


This pristine beach has left and right breaks and it is one of the few beaches in the Bukit that’s suitable for beginners. A tiny bit of experience is needed but there is no need to be an expert in the sport.

Nyang Nyang and Green Bowl Beach

These two beaches require a bit more effort. They’re not as easily accessible as other beaches in Uluwatu. However, what you get in return are less-crowded beaches, stunning scenery, and good left and right reef breaks. Do note, these two beaches are for pros only.

West Bali


It takes around 2 hours to get to Medewi Beach from Denpasar in the south and what you get is a quiet beach with great surf! It’s got the longest left-hand wave in Bali. Caution is needed during low tide!


Like Medewi, Balian is quiet and it’s got both left and right-hand waves. The left has a long wrapping wall while the right (if you are lucky) offers the occasional barrel. It is best to get up early to experience the best surf before the wind gets up. Also, be cautious after a big storm. The nearby river washes in all sorts of things and messes up the lineup.

East Bali


Keramas is located on the east coast of Bali, not too far from Sanur and it’s a great surf spot! Home to the WSL’s only World Tour event, Keramas is a spectacle for intermediate and advanced surfers. It’s got gorgeous black sandy beaches, stunning sunsets and you can big hollow tubes. Be careful getting in and out. Best to start early at around 7 am.

Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Ceningan

Oh yes, you can expect world-class waves around the gorgeous little island Nusa Lembongan (30 minutes from Sanur). There are waves for beginners and also for the pros out there.

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