What to do at home during Coronavirus Quarantine?

Ayu Melalie

The coronavirus pandemic has created a lot of problems. Most businesses closed, many events that should be held this year have been canceled, and so on. Because of that, most countries have considered doing lockdowns and asking people to stay at home.

What to do at home during quarantine?

If you feel Bored during quarantine? It’s possible, but there are a lot of reasons to not be bored during this quarantine! Why? Because when was the last time you feel not in a hurry to do something? Home quarantine means you have to stay at home and minimize going out, but it also means that you have plenty of time to do some things that you never did because you are so busy with life before. Now take your time and enjoy the moment!

Play games or puzzle

If you are home quarantined with your family, you can take this moment to reminisce those old days when you were playing old monopoly games, jigsaw puzzles, and other stimulating games.

Playing with more people is fun. You can bring back those old memories or teach your loved one how fun it was playing board games.

Try to learn a new recipe or bake something special

Yes, you have checked out some new recipe before or just loved how people cooked. Why don’t you try to make it yourself instead of ordering or delivering food? Not only that you learn a new recipe, but you also acknowledge what ingredients you put and how it can affect your body.

Planning a better trip for your next travel

Traveling overseas may be on hold for now but planning your next trip can be a great option for you to do. Planning a trip sometimes can be the source of constant anxiety and overwhelm, but breaking down each of the steps to planning a trip will help you cut through the confusion and tackle stuff in a practical. Since you are having plenty of time, you can plan your next trip better. Plus, you can ask many questions to other people virtually about their experience. So you know what to expect and what to avoid when you would like to go to your next travel destination.

A little information about food or transportation is also important. If you are planning to have a trip to Bali, you can choose to go around with a motorbike or a car. Check out this blog post of the 6 best routes in Bali and if you need a complete guide to rent a motorbike.

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Learn a new skill by taking a virtual class

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can take courses and classes online. Learning something new and thinking critically are great ways to keep you busy. There are a lot of courses you can take. You can check out Coursera or Udemy or other online courses. It’s never too late to learn something new.

Start a craft project

There are some tools that you have not touched for a long time. Yes, you always said that I will do it once I have time. Now, you have it! Go open that box filled with your hobby or if you don’t have one, check out some DIY project on Pinterest on how you can make some cute things.

Find a small arts and crafts supply store in your area and purchase everything you’ll need to create a masterpiece: think yarn and needles for knitting, needlepoint kits, or paints and canvases. You can find out the tutorial on youtube.

Read some books

All those books you’ve been meaning to read can finally get the attention they deserve. Reach out to your local bookstore to see how they’re handling the coronavirus outbreak. Or search it in your room, maybe there are some books that are waiting to be read by you.

Start a home garden

It might seem surprising but one of the most effective ways to practice self-care is to take care of something other than yourself. With that in mind, this might be the perfect opportunity to start a home garden. Start your plant lady journey by reaching out to your local plant store to find out which type of greenery will do best in your home and if the store is offering delivery during this time.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!