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Ultimate packing checklist for your upcoming Bali Holiday

Stephanie Anais

Ultimate packing checklist for your upcoming Bali Holiday

We launched and tested the application in vibrant Bali. Bali (usually) attracts a lot of visitors, many eager to explore the island, and was, therefore, the perfect location to get started.

Got your tickets booked? Ready for a fabulous island holiday to Bali - the pearl of the Indonesian Archipelago? Good on you! As your departure day is getting closer, you need to start thinking about what to pack. Is it your first trip to Bali and are you feeling a bit clueless? No need to worry - we’ve put together a list of essential items to bring on your upcoming Bali Holiday:

Light and comfy clothes

Bali is a tropical island. The weather is hot and humid and when you’re not plunging in your private pool or swimming in the sea, you will want to wear light and comfortable clothes combined with comfy flip flops or sandals (unless you’re planning to go hike, of course!). Cotton, linnen, loose and easy-going clothes are what you want to go for. Bring some of your favourite summery dresses and shorts with thin T-shirts. Leave your jeans and fancy evening dresses at home, or at least, minimize them. We always tend to pack too much; things we never use, clothes we don’t wear and we end up with a suitcase too full or too heavy to fly home without paying for the extra kilos and it is totally unnecessary! Go for light, comfy and ‘just enough’ and you’re good to go!

Tip: Visiting Bali in the rainy season (November - April)? - bring a lightweight raincoat!


Swimwear doesn’t take much space in your suitcase and if you are going for a beach holiday, you can never go overboard with some extra swimwear! You’ll be swimming in the pool and in the ocean or maybe even in natural pools at the foot of waterfalls. Bring all of your favourite colours because you are going to be wearing your swimsuit a lot! 3 or 4 pairs? You are allowed :)

Sun hat, sunglasses & sunblock

These 3 ‘sun’ items are essential when travelling to any tropical island! The sun won’t show mercy and you need to protect your skin! Put on a stylish sun hat, wear glasses with UV-protection and bring sunblock. Sunblock is expensive in Bali as it is something all tourists need and the locals don’t use it (they tend to avoid the sun and wear sweaters whenever exposed to mid-day sunshine). The best thing is to buy a natural sunblock, good for your skin and good for the environment when swimming in the sea because some (most) of the sunblock we use causes damage to the marine life. For swimming in the pool, the regular sunblock is fine. Use at least 30 SPF!

Tip: Buy yourself a sarong or two once you have arrived on the island. They are very pretty and indispensable on any beach day and they also come in handy when visiting Balinese temples where you are expected to cover your knees and shoulders.

First Aid Kit

Don’t worry, most items can be found at the local pharmacy when staying in tourist areas in Bali. However, some items are on the must-bring list. First of all, it is always good to have access to anti-diarrhea medicine such as loperamide and oral rehydration solution. Hopefully, you won’t need it but when you do, you need it instantly. Other items to pack in your first-aid kit include motion sickness pills (in case you plan to take the boat to Nusa Lembongan, Penida or the Gilis) and mosquito spray with Deet. Hand sanitizer and wet wipes may also come in handy on your travelling days.

Electronics (and chargers!)

Bring your smartphone (of course ;) ) - it comes in handy with all of today’s modern mobile apps. Google Maps, Whatsapp, currency exchange, translation apps but also local apps like Melalie (to rent motorbikes), Go-Jek (to get food delivered), Blue Bird (metered taxis) and even travel guides. You will need your chargers, too. Indonesia uses the round two-pronged, CEE7 power outlets (the same as in Europe). You may also want to consider bringing a waterproof cover for your phone (beach, surfing, snorkelling, diving, swimming pools, waterfalls, rainfall in the rainy season - reason enough!)

A shopping bag!

Last but not least - you need to bring a shopping bag. Really? Yes, really! Bali has been plastic-bag-free for a while now and intends to keep it that way. Big stores and shopping malls won’t hand out plastic bags anymore and if you tend to go shop - bring your own bag! You may also want to bring (or buy) yourself a refillable water bottle too!

Final thoughts

Don’t bring snorkelling gear (you can rent it wherever you go!), hairdryers, high heels, or anything else you have second thoughts about. Light and simple is a good way to travel wherever you go in every possible way imaginable.

Make a checklist just before you go to be very sure you’re not forgetting any important stuff like your passport (it has happened!), travel insurance (you need it - period!), international drivers license (if you want to drive a scooter/car), bank cards, credit cards, etc).

Don’t forget to download the Melalie app if you’re planning to cruise around Bali by motorbike. The app will show you all the trustworthy motorbike vendors in your area!

Enjoy your travels!

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We launched and tested the application in vibrant Bali. Bali (usually) attracts a lot of visitors, many eager to explore the island, and was, therefore, the perfect location to get started.

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