The Impact of Electric Motorbike on the Environment

Ayu Melalie

There are many arguments about whether an electric bike is giving a good impact on our environment rather than gas motorcycles due to the cost of manufacture. In this post, we would like to bring up the pros of electric motorbikes against traditional gasoline models.

The time for electric vehicles is finally here. An electric motorcycle is designed to go at much higher speeds than scooters. The only difference that can be directly distinguished between electric and gasoline models is that the electric models are much quieter. In fact, it is 100% zero noise.

Eco Benefits of Electric Motorbikes

An Electric Vehicle is more efficient due to being powered by an electric motor instead of a gas-powered combustion engine. According to, electric motors make vehicles substantially more efficient than internal combustion engines (ICEs). An electric car utilizes 80% of its battery’s energy to transfer power to the car compared to 14 to 26% of the energy from a gasoline-powered vehicle.

Many people are curious if an electric motorbike is better than a gasoline motorbike over the course of its lifetime. Though it is undeniable that the economic benefits on a day-to-day basis are clear, vehicles come with a cost to the environment when they are manufactured.

There is research that estimated that small vehicles that have an electric motor need to reach 70,000 km in their life for the benefits to outweigh the manufacturing cost to the environment. This is doable if people try to start changing the use of our regular motorbike to the electric motorbike.

The power of electric motorbikes is another thing to consider. When we start to delve into these factors it can be hard to work out the specifics of the benefits, but it is pretty clear that over the lifetime of your bike, electric is probably the way to go. In Indonesia, it is true that the electricity source comes from coal. Despite that, the emissions coming from electric vehicles are less than those using fossil fuels.

The benefits you will experience on a daily basis when you are using your electric motorbike include:

  • Electric bikes only actually have a single moving part. The construction is way simpler. This means that you don’t have a gearbox, clutch, or timing belt… all of these things are potential issues that can crop up or things that need to be fixed or replaced in the future. Electric bikes need much less maintenance.
  • Electric motorcycles are quieter. Some people do enjoy the feel and roar of an engine, but in most scenarios, the quieter motorbike is far preferable. Some electric bikes even add this noise artificially.

Electric motorbikes are great for use in the city. The range is perfect for this, and you can also use your electric bike to get around when traffic is heavy. If you are in Bali, you can try renting an electric motorbike easily with Melalie. Whether you are in the mood for a leisurely ride around town or want to explore the countryside, Melalie has the perfect bike for you every time, all the time. Melalie electric bikes are easy to operate and reliable, ideal for shorter trips, making them the perfect choice for those looking to collect memories instead of carbon emissions.

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