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Exploring Bali's Nightlife

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We launched and tested the application in vibrant Bali. Bali (usually) attracts a lot of visitors, many eager to explore the island, and was, therefore, the perfect location to get started.

Exploring Bali’s Nightlife

Did you come to Bali for beach life and parties until late at night? The south is where you’ll want to be! World-famous beach clubs with international DJs cool live bands and trendy night clubs - you’ll find lots of them in places like Seminyak, Canggu, and Uluwatu. More into aesthetic dance and free-spirited parties? Try Ubud (or Canggu depending on where you go!). Here are some places to check out on your upcoming Bali trip, involving late-night dancing and ongoing partying. Do note, no matter how we recommend renting a scooter to explore the island, drinking and driving after a fun night out in town is a definite no-go! Book a place to stay close to where the nightlife is or get a taxi to prevent dangerous situations for yourself and everybody else. Other than that, have fun!!!


Tourists, ex-pats, and locals, everybody loves Seminyak! This beach town buzzes night and day from Double Six to Oberoi and Petitenget. There are too many cool hang-out spots to check out but here are the most famous and favorite ones:


The first and most iconic beach club in Bali turns into a party hub in the night. Stick around after those sunset drinks and get ready to dance under the stars! Themed parties, disco, soul, KU DE TA does just about everything and they regularly invite famous DJs from all over the world to come and play their sets. Great fun!

La Favela

One of the most celebrated bars in Seminyak is La Favela. Beautifully decorated, totally hip, vintage, and always busy, this garden bar has an underground feel and it’s got multiple dance floors with music ranging from hip hop to pop - it’s eclectic and a total must-visit when staying in Seminyak!

La Plancha

La Plancha doesn’t do parties all that often but when they do, you got to be there! Great vibes, good music, wonderful people, it all happens on the beach - nothing but a big ‘Yes!’ for La Plancha!

Potato Head

Potato Head is another world-famous beach club that knows how to throw a party. Get it off your bucket list and come here during the weekend for sunset drinks and partying till late!

The Orchard Bar

Do you enjoy beers and alternative bands? Check out The Orchard Bar located in a gang off Nakula (in the Double Six Area of Seminyak). Orchard Bar is a pub like they should be with plenty of draft beers, pub food and live bands that are still authentic and cool.

Local secret: Ryoshi House of Jazz

It is highly recommended to visit Ryoshi on Jalan Basangkasa on a Monday evening for a fantastic live band that usually gets people to dance in front of the stage. Reserve a table, enjoy a Japanese meal and stick around for the band. Usually, the first set is still a bit easy-going and smooth but after the break, this band rocks the building until midnight.


Old Man’s

Old Man’s is the most beloved party place in Canggu. Close to Batu Bolong Beach, all the surfers and hipsters will come and hang here in the afternoon to chill and relax before heading home. Upon nightfall, everyone is likely to return for an evening of dancing and meeting like-minded people. There are cool live bands and there is a young energetic crowd - Old Man’s is a beer garden that knows how to throw a party! They also do beer pong on Wednesday evenings.

Gimme Shelter

Punk, grunge, underground and dirty in a good early 90ties kind of way, Gimme Shelter has got punk and rock n roll bands and they continue to rock until the wee hours of the night.

Pretty Poison

Not just a bar but also a skate ramp, Pretty Poison is an old-school hang-out spot in Canggu. Cheap beers, DJs, and live bands, this place is one of a kind!


Single Fin

Single Fin is a cliff-top bar with killer ocean and sunset views. One of the first party places on this part of the island, the best time to come here for people and parties is on Sunday evenings. You can expect magical sunsets, great cocktails, live bands, and DJs. A great place to meet people and dance the night away!


No Mas

Rock n Roll, Salsa, Hip Hop - No Mas does it all! There are DJs and live gigs, fabulous cocktails that even the local yogis and yoginis can’t resist. The ambiance is cozy and easy-going and there are indoor and outdoor areas to go dancing every night.

Have you been to Bali for a party week(end)? How was the nightlife? We’d love to hear all about it!

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