Best Things to Do in Canggu

Ayu Melalie

Canggu has been a hot spot and must be visited while in Bali. It is well-known as the area to sit on the beachside and pulls in many surfers, expats, yoga lovers and digital nomads. Canggu is always a great place for those options!

There are plenty of things to do in Canggu besides relaxing. It’s not yet as luxurious and expensive as other spots in Bali such as Uluwatu and Seminyak. But it definitely has something for everyone.

We have compiled some must do lists in Canggu where it will keep you busy while visiting this trendy spot.

Things to Do in Canggu

Surf at Batu Bolong Beach

Batu Bolong Beach Bali is one of the most popular spots in Canggu to surf and chill. Batu Bolong Beach Bali is located at the end of Batu Bolong Street, directly in front of Old Man’s Beach Bar & Restaurant.

For those staying in Canggu, it’s easily walkable from the main street of Batu Bolong and very popular for surfing too.

It is best to go there by electric scooter that costs around 100,000 IDR per day using Melalie. Surfers will start as early as sunrise around 6 am. The more advanced surfers tend to go early around 6 am or 7 am so they can surf without the crowds and do so before it gets too hot.

Every second store on the beachfront seems to be for surfboard hire or lessons. As you’re walking along the beach, you’ll likely be stopped by the store owners, asking if you’d like to hire a surfboard.

Visit Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot (Land in The Sea) is one of the most famous temples in Bali. It’s a sacred place and Balinese believe the temple protects the island from evil sea spirits.

The sunsets are famous when the temple looks like a beautiful silhouette. If the tides are right, you can walk to and from the temple on the sand before the water comes up too high.

The Tanah Lot entry fee is 70,000 IDR and from Canggu, it’ll take you around 20-30 minutes to get there (12 kilometers).

Enjoy Sunset at one of the Beaches

There are many beautiful beaches in Canggu that can be a great spot for you to watch the sunset. One of the Sunset is Echo Beach.

Echo beach has this eye-wateringly wonderful Batu Mejan Temple. When the lights start to glow reddish pink on the horizon, the great carved doorways and Hindu pagodas can look truly spectacular. The best spot to update your new Instagram

Watch Stand up Comedy in Deus

It’s become a rib-tickling event, tried and true. A place where comedians from all walks, some of whom are brand new, will grace the stage with their sole ambition to make you laugh. The one requisite, they’ve got to be doing new material weekly.

A starting ground for many comics, as well as a place to practice for the veteran performers. Some jokes may be hilarious, others may bomb, but there’s one guarantee, it’s always a good time.

Respect the performers and audience, it’s not as easy as you think! Check out their Facebook page to learn more about the event.

Cafe/Warung Hopping

One of the best things to do in Canggu is compile a list of all of the popular food spots.

From smoothie bowls to avocados, Canggu is healthy food heaven and there are limitless hipster cafes and wall murals to get around. Are you ready to Cafe hopping?

Visit the Co-working Space

Bali is a paradise and very popular with remote workers and digital nomads, and Canggu is a perfect place to make a temporary hub for nomads and remote workers.

With all of its Coworking spaces, Canggu offers something to fit everyone’s working atmosphere, tastes, budget, and after work activities. Some famous co-working spaces in Canggu are Dojo Bali, Kinship Studio, Tribal Bali, Tropical Nomad, Finns Rec Club,and Zin@Work.

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